The work of our service is supported by the following units issued by Infomir: Mag200, Mag245, Mag250, Mag255, Mag254, Mag256, Mag257, Mag270, Mag275.AuraHD, AuraHD +, AuraHD international, AuraHD international second edition

To be able to view the need to set up your device to work with the portal. To do this, follow a few simple steps below:

Push the button  SET    or  (the SETUP ׁ ׁׁ)   , the buttons to the left, right or up, down – move on to the section   SERVERS   and click  OK.

Press the up or down – go to the section  PORTALS    and click  OK.

Use the up or move to the bottom line   PORTAL URL 1    and zhom button  HF   (keyboard). Remove everything that is written there and put this to our address –, click on the button  SW    (which would remove the keyboard) and press the button  OK

Press the button  the EXIT    ׂ (2 times), then go to the tab   Restart portal   and click   OK .

Enjoy your view !!!!