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We are a team of perfectionists who have passionately put this project on their feet. Our main focus is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to enjoy IPTV. Just sit back and spend a TV evening alone, with friends, or with your family. 

Missed the program? No problem using our 3-day archive for many channels and then watching your movie / series then when you have the time.

How about getting that out of your TV? What can it do? Watch movies / series in high definition up to 4K.

And all for a fair price.

The diversity out there is big and you can find the right provider now?


Try us today and see for yourself

Easy Setup

Our portal uses the latest technology in registration. Now you don’t need to register for a long time to start watching your favorite TV shows, movies and TV shows. Registration takes place automatically when installing our plug-in on a TV or TV set-top box. When you first enter the portal, a test for 1 day is automatically activated and you can evaluate the quality of our service. With automatic registration, you will be assigned a username and password, with which you can easily renew your subscription.

Pre-registration is only needed for viewing using the m3u playlist.

Would You Like To Watch IPTV On Multiple Devices? No Problem!

With our service you can watch IPTV from one IP address on 5 devices at the same time! Subscribing to the first (main) device is paid 100%, and all subsequent devices receive a discount with a bonus. Funds are debited from the main account. If you replenish your account immediately with 150 € and connect a second device, you will receive a 20% bonus, and you will have 180 € in your account, after that you can watch IPTV on 2 devices until the end of the paid period, in this example it is 1 year.

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